Sunday 24 January 2016

Freshwater West

The effects of the recent high rainfall and of the storms The pebble bank has been drawn out to sea and most of the sand removed.
When the weather changes the pebbles will be piled into a steep narrow bank and the sand will reappear from as if from nowhere.
This storm beach is so changeable,often on a daily basis.

National Trust Stackpole

Once a unique wild life refuge is now an income generator and job creation scheme for the National Trust.
Bring Your pooches and increase the the disturbance
They admit the FWW outfall is failing.
Visitors (customers) have to pay for what has been free.
The Estate is not and should never  be a sports complex
Stay away do not participate  in the degradation.


Saturday 2 January 2016

Pembroke River 21C did this.

Exporting soil to the sea,once our most precious natural resource. These governments have had seven years to enforce the existing legislation and have refused to allow criminal action to be taken.
We know the miscreants. BUT enforcement has been transferred to local make job charities who do not understand and are paid by the Pembrokeshire County Council with public money  to "look after" these sites
Responsible for Pembroke ponds 21C Pembroke who are  now  partnered as "stakeholders"with the National Trust to manage the Pembrokeshire Coast
Unelected privatisation by the back door.
Every day we meet birders who were attracted to Pembroke in the winter of 2015 when the barrage failed. They saw rare birds  feeding on the mud  now 2016 four dabchicks a few mallard a few black headed  gulls one cormorant.
No food.

Conservation for 2016

Head of the Environment Agency  England "people always come first" the self centered philosophy of despair, no recognition that we only survive on this planet if we accept that all life is interdependent.
The true philosophy should be to do as little harm as possible
Pembrokeshire commercial development at all costs have strimmers chain saws  and  flails will use.
Daily creating a sterile deserted countryside, removing all trees in response to irrational fears.
People who did not keep a dog now have two or three with the attendant disturbance to other animals when they are exercised by allowing them to run free  in the few precious areas left for wildlife.See aerial photographs of the UK showing the plumes of silt as we export our soil to the sea.
Surly we must recognise the chaos of the cuts in maintenance of water management ,the false economies made by those who elected a government to deny their obligations to their fellow citizens.