Thursday 12 May 2016

Freshwater West to PCNP

For the attention of Conservation officer Rob Scourfield

Has the decision been made to abandon the drainage at FWW by removing the temporary plastic pipe.
When was the decision taken
Who took it
Who was consulted
Who ratified the change to the SSSI from "calcareous water meadow" to "reed bed alder carr"
Was NRW Wales consulted if so whom? 
Has a decision been made to destroy the listed Chamber.
When will the NT be told to repair the damage to the Chamber carried out by them.
Who damaged the bridge?
Why has PCNP NT not asked for a narrow bridge sign to be sited to the south at the car park by PCC?I

Friday 6 May 2016

Freshwater West National Trust Lies

This was the Grade Two Listed culvert to the beach which for two hundred years maintained the water level to the Corse SSSI to maintain an Calcareous Water Meadow . NT installed a temporary pipe now it has been removed to allow NT to raise the water level to hold water sports.


This must be replaced

Thursday 5 May 2016

Mill Pond Pembroke

Every year we see the same succcession of algal blooms one species of plant then all die
The water is crystal clear
  no invertebrates or fish a few swans  three or four unhealthy looking mallard one cormorant six black headed gulls