Tuesday 5 August 2014

Pembroke Castle

From PCC
A complete survey was made this showed no birds.
There were no mature trees cut down
the herbicide lasts three months, you can already see the regrowth.
Approximately three hundred yards by fifty feet. no birds on a vertical rock face covered in dense vegetation ?
Vegetation was already regrowing?
Yesterday only one species which was already dying.biodiversity ?
No mature trees cut down ?
define mature
define trees in contrast to scrub coppiced 12" across stumps which have been treated and are now dead
The wrong time of the year
The wrong treatment.
BUT all legal

Sunday 3 August 2014

Pembroke Castle Saga

The continuing effects of total herbicide

Saturday 2 August 2014

Pembroke Castle PCC vandalism

We welcome the removal of trees from the cliffs and the base of the Castle
The works were carried out during the Bird nesting season (illegaly)
The woodchips (industrial waste) were spread up to two feet thick over the lower slopes
As a mulch it has killed all the vegetation ( rare plants on the rock face)
NOW some person has sprayed the whole area with total herbicide,killing everything
ACTION PLEASE sack whoever is responsible
We require answers.