Wednesday 30 April 2008

Crown Reduction

This ash tree is about two hundred years old and shows the natural process of death,the upper limbs are shed then gradually die back. Too late to cure but had it been coppiced it would live much longer, trees are no longer being managed.
This is a naturaly growing group of Ash trees growing as part of a field boundary. They will live to about two hundred years. If they are part of a Pembrokeshire bank they will eventualy destroy the wall. Trees lining roads have been regularly coppiced in the past,if the banks are at the edge of the road the maturing trees will eventualy break down the bank and have to be felled.
These trees below have been Crown Reduced, this will speed up the death process.

In one area of recent development in Pembroke every field and hedgerow tree has been mutilated to suit the prejudices of developers and new owners.
What do you think of this practice?

Tuesday 29 April 2008

Tudor House Pembroke

This morning a JCB arrived and began to clear the site. No Conservation Area Consent no Planning Permission. No notice of the intention to fell trees in a Conservation Area which must be given six weeks notice of felling etc.
Irving Johnstone PCC had given permission for the work to clear the site. The site was a yard for South Pembrokeshire District Council with diesel and fuel storage and a workshop to maintain the Council Vehicles.
The exposed soil is heavily contaminated, before it is further disturbed a Licensed Contractor should be employed to take the contaminated soil to a Licensed Site. No further work should be carried out in anticipation of future permissions.

Tudor House

Monday 28 April 2008

Gooses Lane Pembroke

This is three sections of the Town Wall, the middle shows the original wall pointed in sand and cement, the sections of breeze blocks and cement render are an "engineering solution" favoured by PCC as a cheap method of repairing the original Town Wall. All three under threat of demolition to allow for car parking to develop the flats to be built on the Burgage Plot.

Gooses Lane Pembroke

This is a section of the Town Wall. On the JUDP an Ancient Monument. So what is going on has anyone seen notice of Planning Application, or is it one of those out of date that PCC want to slip past with no public notice?

Monday 21 April 2008

Littlegates Footpath Pembroke

Extract from the JUDP 2006. The work to change this was carried out on the 20th of August 2006 or there abouts

Monday 14 April 2008

Sustrans ,The Green Pembroke URGENT

This Path has been halted till they redesign it 14/04/08

The tree on the right a Horse Chestnut is being Crown Reduced, because the Sustrans Cycle Way will destroy the roots on one side, leading to its eventual death.

This mature Cedar branch to the right will be removed opening a large hole in the canopy leaving the ancient Hawthorns vulnerable to windthrow. PCC has carried out the previous felling of fifty percent of the trees on an area they do not own. Which they refuse to register under the Crow Act.

This pine tree will be felled on Wednesday on the recommendation of the TPO (Tree Preservation Officer). It is not dead, three side branches are dead, these side branches on the main trunk which is moved by the wind which causes the living tree to rub against the three dead branches which do not move in the wind. Cut the dead wood the living trunk will thrive. The TPO does not do his job as in the PCC Guidelines.
The final photograph shows the damage to be done to grade the path to the required one in twelve, three metre slope, an insult to capable cyclists.
Move the whole path North by Three meters there will be no damage to any trees. They have not looked at the Footpath Register, the path is NOT registered. So PCC can reroute it at will. The path as being built is across a narrow pavement footpath approx 1.5 metres wide to the edge of the road crossing with completely obscured visibility to the left and restricted visibility to the right. An accident waiting to happen.