Friday 31 October 2014

Destruction of a listed structure by the National Trust with no permission

 Damage for fifth time this year to listed bridge by NT contractor
 Massive demolition  to remove evidence
 Deliberate damage to the masonary base of the listed Chamber
 Destruction of the wall at the west end to allow seas to ingress and destabilise the chamber
 Deliberate removal of coping stones by NT digger note dust in place undisturbed grass definitely not storm damage

Thursday 9 October 2014


Natural Resources Wales have been instructed to destroy all their records at the end of each year
We know the results, the records of Nicholas Edwards and John Redwood were expunged at the end of their periods of office.
Total failure of accountability.
All the data bases which provide a baseline for the environmental record in Wales have been lost 
Soon we will have no past records to enable us to recognise and manage change.
A paradise for lawyers and private business
One example License to Extract Water no records kept so  no one can hold the licensee to account no matter how much water they abstract
Water Quality records destroyed so each reading is new with no comparison to existing conditions.
The list of effects is endless a disaster for all of us.
Stop the destruction now, personal records will be more resistant to destruction and we will know who is to be held to account..