Saturday 19 September 2009


Commercial pressure is leading Pembrokeshire County Council to promote this activity.
The coast protected by the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is fragile and already substantialy damaged by the Sea Empress Disaster and the decision to clean the beaches and rocky shores. The affected beaches look marvellous, why because the rocks are clear of all animals and plants sterile and dead, the beach is clean no amphipods no sea weed flies no burrowng animals.
Coasteering is taking large groups into previously untouched areas. Frightening the wild life interfering with their breeding. The worst effect is the use of footware with gripping rubber soles on rock surfaces which are colonised by organisms, one foot marginal damage, sixty at a time a disaster, sixty several times a day apocalypse.
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority is failing in its duty of care in allowing such damaging activities for commercial gain.

Friday 4 September 2009

Stackpole Estate Woods

Mature rhodedendrons dominating the understorey.
An area of cleared rhodendendrons ,ferns regenerating.
Showing the dominance of rhodedendrons.
Felled but not defeated, every last scrap will regrow.
Why the timber has to be cleared or burnt to stop vegetative regrowth.

The woods at Stackpole are planted but since the war have not been managed. Rhodedendrons have run wild and the standard trees are reaching maturity.
The estate are managing the woods, but must be prepared for rampant blackberries to colonate the cleared ground. The most attractive regrowth are the ferns and bryophytes.