Sunday 8 February 2009

Liquid Natural Gas

I would normally post photographs of the Dragon and LNG Plants BUT with the latest clause in the Police Bill I hesitate. How can I tell if there is a minute child in distance in the picture how can I tell if an adult has not given me permission to photograph them how can I tell if the photograph I have taken could be deemed to be used for Terrorist purposes even if thousands of people view the same scene daily, how do I know that a property or landowner objects to my taking photographs of their property. How do I know if there is a sensitive Council or Government employee in the photograph how can I tell if there is an off duty policeman in the photograph how can I tell if there is a plainclothes police person in the photograph.
When Gordon Brown was asked to clarify the laws and misuse of the laws on photography by the police he replied "take it up with your local Chief Police Constable".