Sunday 25 September 2016

National Trust Freshwater West

Demolish listed structure do not maintain listed outfall flooding SSSI no longer rare Calcareous Water Meadow as listed  deliberately flooded to allow the National Trust to use it for water sports to raise more income
Now charge  foreign  National Trusts with reciprocal rights £5 to use National Trust Car Parks (they do not charge UK members)

Bird Food

20 mile drive through country lanes ONE site Valero Oil Refinery has fruit unflailed
No fruit  none, no fertilised black berries no hazel nuts two bryony strings of fruit in the roadside hedges, 
TWO small birds.
Perfect peace but DEAD

Stackpole National Trust

This is Pembrokeshire but the NT are importing fencing from Kent built out of water logged split chestnut

Friday 23 September 2016

National Trust Stackpole Center

Despite the new pollution and water quality notices posted by PCC the NT are taking children canoeing in Castle Pond (see Previous posts)
The person in charge denied seeing the notices( one on adjacent lamppost) was aggressive and threatening  saying the purpose of canoeing was not to go into the water, then finished the activity by asking all the children to jump in to murky water with much thrown in rubbbish bicycles shopping trolley etc
They are still doing it

National Trust Nasties

Other nations Racial DISCRIMINATION
National Trust UK had a reciprocal membership and shared rights with all other National Trusts
charge overseas members of other  National Trusts for Car Parking
Money for their grossly swollen staff at all costs to international goodwill

Tuesday 13 September 2016

Plannng Pembroke Conservation Area


Pembroke Conservation Area Character Appraisal
We are asking the community, businesses and interested organisations to help decide how the historic area of Pembroke Conservation Area should be preserved for future generations.
The Council is holding a six week consultation from Monday the 12th September until Monday the 24thOctober.  It is holding two drop in sessions at Pembroke Town Hall where people can see the key topics which will be covered within the Appraisal and Management Plan and talk to officers about their views on the future of the Conservation Area.

If you would like to tell us about
·         The history of Pembroke Town
·         Places or buildings which make the Conservation Area special
·         Changes you would like to see to the Conservation Area boundary
·         Do we need to change the permitted development rights (whether development requires planning permission) for some places or buildings
·         What are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to Pembroke
·         Any other information relevant to the Conservation Area.

The drop in session will be at
Pembroke Town Hall, Main Street, Pembroke
on the 28th September between 12pm and 7pm, and
 the 29th September between 9am and 12pm,

where officers will be available to discuss the Conservation Area.   You can also book onto a workshop, (booking essential) on ‘Changing the Conservation Area Boundary’, and ‘Should we Change Permitted Development Rights?’ (Article 4 Direction).
For further information and to book a place on the workshop please contact Julie Kirk 01437 775367.
Booking is essential for these workshops and numbers will be limited

Comments will be fed into the first draft of the Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan and will be a material consideration for future development and management proposals within the Conservation  Area. Effectively managing change within our Conservation Areas is central to ensuring that we preserve the historic areas of the County in ways which make them sustainable places where people want to live and work and visit. They represent some of the best of our built heritage and are valued by residents and tourists.

Mill Pond Pembroke

Since this summer 21C have been divested of their management of the pond.
Pembroke Town Council have now been given the management, with no officers and no extra finance.
We must make sure that the management is under the supervision of a professional, not well meaning amateurs so that past mistakes are not continued.

Saturday 3 September 2016

Pembroke Barrage for information

Site Meeting 1400 310816
To examine the dangers to the public using the videoed evidence recorded by Dyfed Powys Police

Meeting originated by my request to Dyfed Powys Police to video the dangers, then a formal letter of concern to to PTC who then called the meeting
Present PTC
Rose Blackburn
Pearl Llewelyn
Lynda Asman
Arwyn Williams
Emyr Williams

Tha lia Campbell
Ian Ca mpbell (on a Mobility Scooter)
Stuart Asman
PCS Pembroke
It was made very clear that the meeting was closed Boswell Blackburn PCS Pearl Llewelyn and both Williams walked away and hid behind the closed blue door (inacessible to my Scooter) I drove to the end of the development and found them at the far end
They then moved into long grass I could not follow on my scooter they then huddled together and spoke quietly I could not follow them or hear them
Complete ignorance no facts just agreed ignorance.
PCC solution use sticky paint
Denied that PCC have any legal responsibility for removing present and continuing dangers.
Boswell nothing Llewelyn Williams both nothing except hatred to all except 4 co conspirators, no solutions more of the same.
They tried to guard their backs and concede nothing the status quo was perfection
All blamed the developer Pigeon 
I am now making a formal complaint about the conduct of Clr Williams PCC and Emyr Williams PCC Llewelyn the site meeting which was at my instigation, backed by PCS Dyfed Powys Police and PTC.
I was not notified of the time place or date of the meeting.
The meeting was ill informed went over previous ground and was a waste of time.
If Clr Arwell Williams claimed expenses, his behaviour and conduct breeched the rules for conduct for Planning Site meetings, and he should be charged for falsely claiming attendance expenses
The schools go back next week many children will put themselves at risk the Barrage as now is is a Death Trap.
You have been warned you are legally liable, your Barrage Structure is a public hazard
We need immediate action to remove the hazards and the broken railing
The children return to school next week.