Saturday 3 September 2016

Pembroke Barrage for information

Site Meeting 1400 310816
To examine the dangers to the public using the videoed evidence recorded by Dyfed Powys Police

Meeting originated by my request to Dyfed Powys Police to video the dangers, then a formal letter of concern to to PTC who then called the meeting
Present PTC
Rose Blackburn
Pearl Llewelyn
Lynda Asman
Arwyn Williams
Emyr Williams

Tha lia Campbell
Ian Ca mpbell (on a Mobility Scooter)
Stuart Asman
PCS Pembroke
It was made very clear that the meeting was closed Boswell Blackburn PCS Pearl Llewelyn and both Williams walked away and hid behind the closed blue door (inacessible to my Scooter) I drove to the end of the development and found them at the far end
They then moved into long grass I could not follow on my scooter they then huddled together and spoke quietly I could not follow them or hear them
Complete ignorance no facts just agreed ignorance.
PCC solution use sticky paint
Denied that PCC have any legal responsibility for removing present and continuing dangers.
Boswell nothing Llewelyn Williams both nothing except hatred to all except 4 co conspirators, no solutions more of the same.
They tried to guard their backs and concede nothing the status quo was perfection
All blamed the developer Pigeon 
I am now making a formal complaint about the conduct of Clr Williams PCC and Emyr Williams PCC Llewelyn the site meeting which was at my instigation, backed by PCS Dyfed Powys Police and PTC.
I was not notified of the time place or date of the meeting.
The meeting was ill informed went over previous ground and was a waste of time.
If Clr Arwell Williams claimed expenses, his behaviour and conduct breeched the rules for conduct for Planning Site meetings, and he should be charged for falsely claiming attendance expenses
The schools go back next week many children will put themselves at risk the Barrage as now is is a Death Trap.
You have been warned you are legally liable, your Barrage Structure is a public hazard
We need immediate action to remove the hazards and the broken railing
The children return to school next week.

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