Sunday 12 December 2010

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Operate dogs exercise and lavatory areas, one free running dog will clear all the sea birds from this feeding area.
This photograph was taken when all the dog lovers were doing their Christmas Shopping.
Beaches are for birds not for dog owners, PCNPA are failing in their duty of conserving wild life.
There should be a notice saying all dogs should be on a lead but these have been taken down on PCNP and National Trust land.
One woman with a dog on a lead walked across the top of the beach not one bird took off.
One man let his dog off the lead and cleared the beach. Dogs are destroying wildlife they must be controlled.

Winter Food For Birds

 A thrushes anvil a very rare sight in 2010
Birds have been feeding from this cow pat, there are very few in fields during the winter. If the animal producing this has been wormed with a systemic vermicide the bird will probably die

Thursday 9 December 2010

The Condem Anarchy

The more we hear the more we fear for the future. Planning Legislation is being dismantled by stealth with little or no consultation.
We should have been able to rely on Liberals and Conservatives to value our historic natural and built inheritance.
Remember the period where Redwood as Secretary of State For Wales suspended all listing and granted demolition and development appeals despite opposition by Local Government Charities and Conservation Campaigning groups in Wales.
All we hold dear and all we have fought for over the years is being destroyed by a government which has no mandate for which most of us did not vote .
Do not rely on the media the BBC chooses which items to publicise. The media are cash strapped and no longer carry out proper research.
The World Service, The Parliamentary Channel with live uncensored debates are our only source of the facts, even then we have to rely on leaked circulars, Orders in Council and items deposited in the House of Commons Library.
We have no chance of keeping up with EU Legislation, which can be prioritised for adoption by National Governments.
So how do we move forwards?