Saturday 27 October 2012

Safe as houses

The controversial siting and operation of LNG plants so close to settlements and the granting of a license to operate for Pembroke Power Station, on the basis of the European Directive on the siting of Nuclear  Power Plants,no evacuation plans and the closing of emergency services add to our fears about the safety of the local population within the LD 50 Zone.

Thursday 25 October 2012

Yet again PCC do not enforce planning

Another new house exposed to public view surrounding trees felled all plot levelled. What is so special about this developer or owner.

Milton springs

This source which supplied South Pembrokeshire was polluted by the sixties. Thatcher closed all free public water supplies in 1970, now travellers can only buy bottled water.

Tuesday 23 October 2012

What used to be

This was a stand of magnificent beech trees aged decaying a massive  shelter and food supply. Protected by brambles lining the paths to stop people being injured by falling branches. New broom public access remove the natural barriers to remove danger to free roaming humans fell all the mature trees.

2012 cultivation

Flailed hedges no cover no food  heavily worked soil eroded by rain fall open windswept  no cover.

Saturday 20 October 2012

Pembroke River

 These are the spawning grounds which have been cut off for 40 years by the Pembroke Barrage and the locked sluices at the Mill Bridge.
Until the 1950s salmon sea trout brown trout lamphreys used to spawn here. Eels freely set off to sea and returning elvers thronged the feeder streams. All this ceased with the barrage in the 60s illegally built to provide permanent stagnant fresh water to surround the castle, to cover up the tidal foreshore with water. To attract tourists,BUT  sea weed covered foreshore and ever changing mud banks are magic, a haven for wildlife.The Mill Pond was a spawning and nursery ground for thousands of bass and mullet. Three pairs of swans raised cygnets now hundreds of swans foul the stagnant waters and no cygnets survive.PCC spend thousands to create this frequently eutrophic stinking mess.