Friday 29 March 2013

Freshwater West more evidence

 1930s showing full structure.
What are the constructions at the far end of the beach any ideas?
Today the sand has been lowered by the tides these have been exposed showing evidence of the structure in the middle of the picture taken 1930s

Energy Performance Certificates Wales


Thursday 28 March 2013

Pembroke Barrage

More expenditure on an unlawful structure your and my money.

Tuesday 26 March 2013

National Trust infamy first day 260313 Stackpole

We have been able to park for free for seventy years
No concession for Blue Badge holders
£5 season ticket for limited number of very local locals
Unemployed older man set up to enforce the five pound fee met with abuse and refusal to pay no one entered.

Monday 25 March 2013

NT have chain saw will massacre

 Foggy Bottom site of latest National Trust development
 Untouched for seventy years, the trees had many years of life
 Wooded marsh site of one of the few remaining tussock grass habitats now a board walk winds its way back   giving access to dogs and people. The people who did this have no idea of the harm they do.
 NO people do not to be enabled to penetrate every inch of ground, every last refuge is being destroyed daily.
TODAY drive ten miles slowly through country lanes, one immature buzzard one magpie NOTHING ELSE

Sunday 24 March 2013

Freshwater West, the non existent listed structure

1908 revised 1937 CLEAR the box the masonry  square inspection chamber and the culvert to below the pebbles

Pembroke Barrage reinforcing an illegal structure

 Can you see the promised fish pass
Soon the Castle pond will be in a condition to use as a car park, the long cherished policy of the Chamber of Trade
 Where did this bank come from
£250000 of your and my money, why should the councilors who passed the plans which blocked the access by Rocky Park and the Planning officer not be surcharged?

Tuesday 19 March 2013

Pollution by power generation

 Note the sunlight before the plume
 Sturm und drang
 Pembroke Power Station plume
 Pembroke Refinery
We are being encouraged to instal solar power and heating
when the light energy is cut by a factor of 100,000 to the premises beneath the plumes Joined up government, more multishambles

Stackpole Court NT NUTS enough is enough

 To clear a view cutting down the replacement trees
Is this in preparation for a motorway
 One of the few majestic beech unfelled
Locals Car Park now tidied up blocked off after National Trust carried out work on the pond, and ploughed up and covered the site with spoil. to make visitors use the pay car park cleared out of the woods, with its consequent disturbance and large area of sterile gravel.

Sunday 10 March 2013

Cosheston Pembroke Solar Park

Is this the future or a passing phase
Well sited minimum intrusion blends into the horizon and the sky.

Pembroke Barrage

At a cost of £250000  the barrage now has a fish pass and a tidal flap.
PCC design faults PCC or the developer of Rocky Park not the charge payers should settle the bill

Tuesday 5 March 2013

Pembroke Barrage

This is an unlawful obstruction to Pembroke Ponds. When Rocky Park was granted planning permission we told Pembrokeshire County Council that they had blocked access to the barrage for maintenance.
later now they have to carry out widening and strengthening of the access from Monkton Bridge another intrusion on the setting of the Castle.

Freshwater West

This explains why the waterlevel is so high on the water meadows the removal of the culvert without listing consent has allowed the outfall to become blocked by pebbles. We have agreement in principle tp rebuild it to its historic state the whole valley is an important part of the agricultural heritage of Wales