Monday 20 July 2009

Pembrokeshire County Council and predecessors

Lime Mortar, carboniferous limestone field stone buildings. Most of the older buildings in the South of the County will be destroyed by Building Regulation and local Authority Advice on their repair.
I have been surveying unoccupied buildings in the ownership of PCC. Those built of carboniferous limestone fieldstone are being deliberately destroyed so that the can be demolished as unsafe, Listed or not. All the buildings in the ownership of PCC or other public bodies in Pembroke Conservation Area,are at risk of eventual demolition if left in their present state.
I am contactiong other private owners with the intention of a Class Action for damages and the cost of repair to their properties.
Please email this site for more information.
Photographs to add to my collection for Documentary Evidence welcome, I will not publish names and addresses as these affect resale value under the new regulations,governing sale.
At the moment I cannot post photographs but am working on it. Editor


Since my last post Dragon LNG has had its first tanker. Gross unwieldy vessels with command and control at the stern ideal for ploughing down small vessels.
No Emergency Planning published.