Thursday 29 October 2009

Pembroke Pembroke Dock

Planning application 09/0394/PA TO JOIN PEMBROKE TO PEMBROKE DOCK BY BUILDING 150 HOUSES ON A GREEN FIELD SITE. THE USUAL PIOUS RUBBISH ABOUT HOUSING for future jobs if so why are there so many new unsold unoccupied dwellings in the town.
The sewage system is already overloaded, with no effort by Welsh Water to cure the release of untreated sewage to Castle Pond and Pembroke River.
Another example of the acceptance by PCC of deliberate degradation of a site in preparation for development.
Objections to PCC Planning asap.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Eastgate Hill Pembroke

The owner of Castle Garage when he applied for planning permission took a chain saw to the trees in the Ancient Garden without the owners permission.
Because it was in a Flood Zone the Environment Agency required the block of flats to be built with a one meter gap underneath to allow the water to flow freely.
No insurance company would insure the building so it will not be built.

Friday 9 October 2009


Once upon a time if you drove a car in this country, the windscreen was covered in splatted insects.
Filling stations provided water and sponges so that motorists could clear their windscreens.
Drive on the continent now the windscreen is covered in insects.
UK no insects WHY?

Tuesday 6 October 2009

Childhood Memories, some are left

A Pembrokeshire lane one of the few left untarmaced. As a child I remember more roads in this condition.

Food for the Birds

All over the UK hedges are being flailed destroying all the fruits nuts seeds and berries for birds and all the overwintering cover for insects.
We have created a wildlife desert in the name of tidyness.
At the time that migrating birds are passing through we have destroyed their food sources.