Friday 20 March 2015

Eclipse using Solar Power Data.

0845 2.5 kw
0900 412 w
birds confused flying around
0914 378 w
all birds returned to roosts none flying
0900 150w
0922 220w
0927 190w
1 wren flying around sounding alarm calls
0928 215w
0929 224w
0930 241w
0931 241w
0932 288w
0933 blackbird dawn chorus
0934 jackdaw left roost
0935 sparrows become active
0937 doves call
0938 526w
0939 roosting blackbirds and jackdaws look around
0940 sparrows fly
0941 jackdaws call
0941 subdued movements but not feeding not normal behaviour not drinking or bathing.
1000 1.63 kw
1020 2.736 kw
birds flying but not normally active still subdued perching and looking around..

Monday 16 March 2015

Saturday 14 March 2015

The old and the new Milford Haven

The last working oil refinery and a new solar farm. A windmill is facing planning problems but windmills function 24 hours a day if the wind is blowing they are complementary

Pembroke Trees in a Conservation Area

 21C garden garden next door is now for sale after 21C used grants to  clear it.
The last of many fig trees outside the walls

National Trust Incompetence

 These works were carried out yesterday to comply with beach safety 100% worse
 PCNP and NT still insist that these remains of the Listed Structure date not from 1798 but 1948 these are deliberate lies by named officers.

National Trust Incompetence, compare with previous post

The planning application was to put a 600mm pipe to below the pebble bank
But now incompetence has spread the pebbles from the bank to low water level, covering the sand.
So planning application is irrelevant, the notice for which was erected yesterday.

Tuesday 10 March 2015

National Trust and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Collusion

Forget planning laws just go ahead and do what both parties originally intended

The contractors have placed the materials on the beach and are preparing to carry out the intended work before any objections are heard


I am told that the work is being justified to fulfill my complaints to Health and Safety PCC.


Sunday 8 March 2015

Culvert Fresh Water West

 Heavy plant on the beach to further destroy the evidence
The bank has been moved to conceal the remains of the culvert, the leat has been blocked the water level raised no passage for migratory fish

Gupton under NT Management

For years local people the National Trust and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park have been concerned at the poaching of the soil and loss by erosion on this National Trust owned tenanted farm..
NOW under National Trust management the situation is much worse much more soil is bare at the start of spring most wild plants have been exterminated there is no cover for ground nesting birds and the land is overstocked
The culvert is now destroyed.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

PCNP P/A NP/15/0091/FUL OBJECTION please read and support

To replace 1798 grade two listed Royal Society Gold Medal drainage scheme which had stabilised a storm beach and maintained a Calcareous Water Meadow SSSI for Agriculture and Conservation for 215 years until National Trust and Pembroke Coast unlawfuly demolished part of the structure to earn £3.5 M from filming.
See Monitor Officer PCNP Report.
The structure as built was self clearing requiring little maintenance until NT ceased maintenance in 2008.
The remaining structure is now being destroyed by NT use of heavy plant to maintain the outflow.
The resulting steep pebble banks are a continuing danger to users of the beach

Work required
Rebuild the lime mortar inspection chamber
Replace the illegally demolished Culvert on the beach
Planning application is to replace this with a 12 m 600mm plastic pipe laid on the sand surface.

This is
Totally inadequate to to maintain the drainage of then Corse (dimensions of the culvert)
Replacing (dimensions of the Culvert)

Vulnerable to wave damage, replacing 1meter lime mortar foundation overlaid with dressed and lead sealed wrought iron clamped 3.5 m wide mortared 1m,1m1m dressed limestone blocks, to support wrought iron hoops clad with removable 3 inch by 9 inch planks original teak later repaired by greenheart, pitch pine,iroko and after Beecham redundant railway sleepers.

This application is a cynical stage in the NT and PCNP policy of no more maintenance of sea defences in their care.

Health and Safety was used as a spurious reason for demolition despite that the fact that Environment Agency (now NRW)was  retrospectively fitting grills to deny access to culverts all over Wales.
Note the proposed 600mm pipe is not fitted with a grill a child could easily crawl up into the chamber and get trapped

The pipe must extend a least to the width of the bank beyond the bank to prevent seas forcing stones into and blocking the pipe

NOTE there is no provision to remove these obstructive stones to maintain flow and maintain the water levels n the Corse.NT intention is to carry out minimum works.

When this fails after one year to apply to demolish the entire listed structure.
The Scheme as proposed does not comply with EU Waters Directive EU EEL Directive and EU Migratory Fish Directive

Please reject this application and ask then NT to return with a properly researched scheme after all they and others benefited to the tune of £3.5 m.

Skomer Island 2014

2014 was the worst year for bird breeding on Skomer,Island.

One school of thought places the blame on the winter storms,but fails to take historic factors into account..
Returning birds down by a half , only a quarter of those nesting reared one chick.
Only half of these will survive leaving the island for the open sea.
Overfishing is one of the important reasons,factory fishing of sand eels for fertiliser pet food and as food for salmon farming,leaving only species such as pipefish with little food value for the birds to feed their young.
Acidification of seawater by increased atmospheric carbon dioxide a very small change in the Ph from alkalinity towards acid affects the efficiency of all fertilisation membranes.
This affects the breeding of their food sources pelagic surface living fish.
Seabirds which breed on Skomer are long lived, we have not taken account of the increase of ultra violet light which causes cataracts among other changes in visual acuity.
We can see the effects of increasing exposure to UV causing an increase of cataracts in human beings, spectacles prescribed for our children are now being fitted with lenses which block Ultra Violet light,our sea going friends, birds, cannot wear sun glasses.
Past experience has shown that man facilitated disease organisms can spread rapidly through these dense nesting colonies.
We cannot quantify the coastal effects of land based viruses on marine organisms as we no longer use methods to kill them before they are released form our sewage sea outfalls.
Sea bird colonies and seals are vulnerable to disturbance non existent in 1955, 2014 an overwhelming 24 hour revenue raising human presence.
There are few undisturbed and undegraded spaces on our coasts, access for human leisure must not be allowed to cause further harm.
Annual Report SWWNT 2014
RSB Reports
University of Bristol
Skomer 2014

A polemic but all based on scientific reports
which I had not accessed before my previous article
There is now to opportunity for change,new officers in the relevant bodies are willing to face facts and change practises in Pembrokeshire but management are muzzling them.
FOI makes this possible.

Ian Campbell 310115