Monday 21 January 2008

East Angle, and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

This fifty acre site should have been bought by Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and then dedicated as Public Open Space. "It should not be developed".
It is one of the few open spaces left on the coast. There are interesting historical remains. Botanically it is of value.

Saturday 19 January 2008

Pembroke Meeting Concerns 190198

Public Meeting

Pembroke Town Hall 1000 Saturday January 19th 2008

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Pembroke Commons

150108 after spending £800,000 on a "flood prevention scheme"the water is rising. Many Council personnel on scene.Barrage not open as there is a high tide why was the Castle Pond not emptied before , the computer programme does not seem to work. Councilor Brian Hall you claimed the glory now explain why it did not work. I have researched past newspaper articles about the history of the barrage it is illegal badly designed costly inneffective an ecological disaster and doomed to failure, why throw money into the water to no effect. The Photograph shows what the Commons was like in my lifetime,until local short sighted greed filled the water in to make a car park, which do you prefer.
ORIGINAL ESTIMATE £800,000 FINAL COST £1,700,00 Surcharge CLR BRIAN HALL 040108

Saturday 12 January 2008

Castle Garage Site, "Pembroke Quay Development"

This is one of the Historic Gardens supposed to be protected JUDP Policy 86.
Absolute protection. Recently the area has been cleared and trees felled (with or with out permission) in preparation for the Castle Quay development application which will obscure and dominate the Historic Gardens.

Trewent Park Freshwater East

A view in winter, when the leaves are out the white buildings are obscured.
The flat roofs need replacing ,the owners preferred solution is pitched roofs as in the center.
Three officers of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park decided that the new roofs should be silver. The owners wanted green or brown so that the roofs blended in with the wooded background.

Pembroke Top Pond Holyland Road

I can understand the need for limited car parking, but to cut down trees and to landscape such
Large areas with "green concrete" is a gross intrusion in a limited area of "Nature Conservation".
Fine for the contractor but death to wildlife.
These areas are for the protection of animals and plants, dogs and people should not dominate. The world is going mad.

Friday 4 January 2008

2008 New Years Wish

On a radio 4 Environmental Programme recently short mown grass areas were described as Green Concrete. They are barren as a resource for wildlife, plants, animals, insects and birds. This is a good description. There is a place for short mown grass but in these supposedly environmentally friendly times areas and places for flowers and wildlife to flourish with mown paths through them and other solutions should be an option.
SO stop energy devouring mowing of every grassed public space. Plant wildlife meadows and mow once a year. Stop crude flail destruction of a roadside hedge rows. Mow the first three feet of every verge but leave the rest to flower and mow once a year.
Stop children dressed as aliens roaring around SSI s and adjacent public roads on noisy quadbikes.


This Thursday and Friday in each organisation the person I have tried to talk to for some time, but told by their receptionist "leave a message, we will call you back", of course they never do, were in the office and answered the telephone themselves.
So five outstanding concerns were discussed sorted out and action agreed.
Littlegates Footpath , contractor instructed to erect a footpath sign,agreed that the phrase "to the waters edge" meant what it said and that the obstructions had to be removed.
The Site under threat now has locked gates, security coverage, access by permission of the owners. After archeological and conservation study, will be conserved and interpreted before public access is given.
The Rocky Park application is not on the agenda for the January meeting of the PCC Planning Committee meeting.
Boardwalks essential for some sites BUT but as an unforseen consequence of the public finance for disabled access, small schemes do not attract grants as they are "costly to manage" so schemes are inflated to fulfil the Grant Conditions leading to boardwalks looping back and fore with no rhyme or reason, so becoming environmentaly harmful.
No success from PCC planning (not in the office).
110108 Footpath still blocked

Tuesday 1 January 2008

Pembroke Castle by J.M.W. Turner

The open sea water estuary, now Castle Pond was painted by Turner and is is also known as Turners Reach. From a prolific wildlfe refuge then to the grossly polluted sewer it is now.

Five foul water discharges