Friday 4 January 2008


This Thursday and Friday in each organisation the person I have tried to talk to for some time, but told by their receptionist "leave a message, we will call you back", of course they never do, were in the office and answered the telephone themselves.
So five outstanding concerns were discussed sorted out and action agreed.
Littlegates Footpath , contractor instructed to erect a footpath sign,agreed that the phrase "to the waters edge" meant what it said and that the obstructions had to be removed.
The Site under threat now has locked gates, security coverage, access by permission of the owners. After archeological and conservation study, will be conserved and interpreted before public access is given.
The Rocky Park application is not on the agenda for the January meeting of the PCC Planning Committee meeting.
Boardwalks essential for some sites BUT but as an unforseen consequence of the public finance for disabled access, small schemes do not attract grants as they are "costly to manage" so schemes are inflated to fulfil the Grant Conditions leading to boardwalks looping back and fore with no rhyme or reason, so becoming environmentaly harmful.
No success from PCC planning (not in the office).
110108 Footpath still blocked

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