Tuesday 17 June 2008

Littlegates Footpath

The enforcement notice by PCC runs out this weekend. We must make sure they act.

Pembroke Primrose Cottage

Plans as promised. Apologies for the quality I photograph them in a back room at Pembroke town Hall
When are PCC going to publish them on their Planning Website they have the equipment they lack purpose.

Guerilla Gardening

After persuading PCC workmen NOT to mow until the daisies had flowered.

PCC have a policy of total weed kill and green concrete(mown grass). There is a movement to plant these waste lands , or even to allow natural plants to flourish. serendipity rules all we have to do is plant seed and mow once a year. Think what Pembroke could look like. Instead of mown grass with no ecological value, seeding grasses, wildflowers, allowed to flourish. Flowers everywhere for free.


Primrose Cottage, The Commons a new application has been entered for demolition. I will post details as soon as PCC send them to me Ian