Saturday 28 February 2015

Planning Application Fresh Water West 8 week 200415

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

To replace the listed structure built in 1798 demolished by the National Trust to earn £3.5 million from filming on the beach

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Planning application PCNP

For information

Castlemartin Corse Outfall, Freshwater West, Pembroke, SA71 5HW - SR8851199685
"Engineering operations to insall a 12m long 600mm diameter plastic pipe onto..."

Gupton Farm National Trust mismanagement

 When tenanted serious concern about overstocking and erosion.
Six months later under National Trust heavily overstocked even worse erosion

Freshwater West National Trust, the arrogance of ignorance

 the damaged chamber intact from 1798 until NT demolition in spring 2014
latest works a vertical unstable pebble bank 2 meters above rocks anda raging water way  children can enter the damaged unstable 5 m tunnel into the chamber

Saturday 21 February 2015

Freshwater West

More damage to tunnel outfall blocked for migratory fish

Tuesday 17 February 2015

Mill Pond Scroll back for photographs before autumn 2014 21C Pond Group.

 Melissa Howells, Elizabeth Gossage "people can do what they want with their property"
 No matter the effect on others and their planning conditions
 Every day trees are being felled in Pembroke to free up the view to sell properties.
  Lesser black backs and Mallard urban pests.
Where have all the swans gone?

Sunday 15 February 2015

Prison Site Pembroke

More of our history lost with a free for all development policy.
The original Planning Decision was made some years ago under the discredited Brynn and Independent Group Regime
How can listing be ignored?