Friday 31 October 2008

Present Day Planning a Warning

Redevelopment has been left in the hands of stupid, shortsighted and sometimes corrupt local councils, aided and abetted by third rate architects and get rich quick builders.
Jeremy Paxman "The English" isbn 0-14-029040-0
Credit Crunch has opened a gateway for every get rich quick person to apply for Demolition Consent and Planning Consent for schemes and sites which would normally not be considered.
These sites will be derelict for years until the economy recovers (if ever) sites to build low standard cheaply built expensive housing.
All at the expense of the Council Charge Payers through lost revenue.

Tuesday 28 October 2008

Credit Crunch

Grade 2 listed wall,demolished by permission of an officer of PCC
Site for redevelopment, with listed buildings in the ownership of PCC deliberately neglected to become offensive to neighbouring property owners therefore a reason for clearance.(officer of PCC)
Golden Farm Prison Site ,cleared with no archeological investigation or recording( permission by officer of PCC)
Derelict site on the Main Street.
North Quay completed no sales no lets
Tudor House planning given for flats , but ground is contaminated.
Deliberately neglected so that PCC Councilor can say "this is the last stage of tidying up this area" to give access to land for redevelopment to free up land for redevelopment despite the adjacent building sites being on hold. Demolition Consent Granted

What a euphenism, really licensed theft. What an opportunity to cut growth and end the rampant greed of the west.
We have recently been in Ireland, endless similar gross new empty housing. Whole estates of empty "country cottages" to let for the holiday trade. We are all going to pay for these idiocies through the European Community.
Pembroke West Wales a gaddarine rush to demolish Conservation Areas.
Planners "not allowed to take into account cleared contiguous building sites, not allowed to take into account developments in which every property is empty.
BUT The CEO's are in Duty of Care to the Council Tax Payers.
They have a Fiducary Duty to examine the financial stability of potential developers by a process of Due Diligence.
They are responsible they have to carry the can for every cleared site for the blight on neighbouring properties and for the continuing loss of revenue.