Wednesday 18 November 2009

More disasters in Pembroke

When Planning Permission was given for this development a condition was that a 10 metre strip was to be left wild to give a buffer for the wildlife which rely on using the banks of the Mill Pond a Local Nature Reserve.
The builder was cutting the trees down to provide a view so he could sell the houses. He was stopped, the owner then strimmed the strip clear he was stopped. Now the whole area has been cleared to bare soil. Just shows how PCC enforce Planning Conditions.

Tuesday 17 November 2009


The Council House Estate on the Green was built soon after the War. Housing built to Parker Morris Standards built of traditional materials by craftsmen. Good size gardens, when the estate was laid out the hedgerow trees were incorporated in the layout.
With sale the owners are free to do what they want the latest fad is to remove the chimneys, one owner does it they all follow.

36 Main Street Pembroke

Read and digest as we were told in school. Note the involvement of Angela Burns AM as the latest recruit to the concern at the disgrace which is Pembroke.
The latest is the campaign to demolish the Burgage Walls to the North of Main Street to build a car park for 150 cars.
We must applaud the Conservation Officer who has passed the latest conversions in the Conservation Area and be aware of all the horrors which are being proposed many planned fifty years ago.
Please back the owner of 36 Main Street and do not blame him for the complex situation and the condition of the property.

Wednesday 11 November 2009

Riverside Pembroke

A building mentioned in contemporary Architechtural text Books. Part listed, now used as a Local Authority Hostel. This part is being vandalised, which in Pembroke is in preparation for demolition.
The Building has now been made safe 091209

Riverside Pembroke

New development behind Woodbine Terrace Pembroke. Simple vernacular houses but vertical crazy paving Pennant stone detailing.
Note the rebuilt wall by PCC lime mortar original limestone very good practice.

New House added to existing terrace

PCC approved this house built in the end of an existing terrace, it is modern but in the vernacular. A good development.

Monday 9 November 2009

Atmospheric Pollution

A cold still day reveals releases into the atmosphere which are normally hidden

Wall repair with lime mortar

Wall hidden by vegetation and partially fallen down, rebuilt using the reclaimed stone.

An enlightened owner and a competent tradesman
Dante Bergson 01437 563221 07816 770050

Suitable activities in a National Park

Feet dog paws gross dog faeces.