Wednesday 30 April 2008

Crown Reduction

This ash tree is about two hundred years old and shows the natural process of death,the upper limbs are shed then gradually die back. Too late to cure but had it been coppiced it would live much longer, trees are no longer being managed.
This is a naturaly growing group of Ash trees growing as part of a field boundary. They will live to about two hundred years. If they are part of a Pembrokeshire bank they will eventualy destroy the wall. Trees lining roads have been regularly coppiced in the past,if the banks are at the edge of the road the maturing trees will eventualy break down the bank and have to be felled.
These trees below have been Crown Reduced, this will speed up the death process.

In one area of recent development in Pembroke every field and hedgerow tree has been mutilated to suit the prejudices of developers and new owners.
What do you think of this practice?

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