Saturday 2 January 2016

Conservation for 2016

Head of the Environment Agency  England "people always come first" the self centered philosophy of despair, no recognition that we only survive on this planet if we accept that all life is interdependent.
The true philosophy should be to do as little harm as possible
Pembrokeshire commercial development at all costs have strimmers chain saws  and  flails will use.
Daily creating a sterile deserted countryside, removing all trees in response to irrational fears.
People who did not keep a dog now have two or three with the attendant disturbance to other animals when they are exercised by allowing them to run free  in the few precious areas left for wildlife.See aerial photographs of the UK showing the plumes of silt as we export our soil to the sea.
Surly we must recognise the chaos of the cuts in maintenance of water management ,the false economies made by those who elected a government to deny their obligations to their fellow citizens.


jonnie johnston said...

Never heard of "Natural Resources England", is there such an agency?

jonnie johnston said...

A link to the aerial photos showing the silt plumes would be interesting.