Saturday 2 January 2016

Pembroke River 21C did this.

Exporting soil to the sea,once our most precious natural resource. These governments have had seven years to enforce the existing legislation and have refused to allow criminal action to be taken.
We know the miscreants. BUT enforcement has been transferred to local make job charities who do not understand and are paid by the Pembrokeshire County Council with public money  to "look after" these sites
Responsible for Pembroke ponds 21C Pembroke who are  now  partnered as "stakeholders"with the National Trust to manage the Pembrokeshire Coast
Unelected privatisation by the back door.
Every day we meet birders who were attracted to Pembroke in the winter of 2015 when the barrage failed. They saw rare birds  feeding on the mud  now 2016 four dabchicks a few mallard a few black headed  gulls one cormorant.
No food.

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