Saturday 6 April 2013

Rebuttal of letter from CADW 0104l3 Freshwater West

I have read the letter from you to John Jukes 01apr2013
Your letter appears to be grounded in opinions not facts.
I cannot understand the reasons for demolition, it is now being justified on the grounds of “Health and Safety”, Not present when listed.
All culverts in the UK are being modified with the addition of grills to fit modern requirements, not being removed completely
The person who agreed the demolition was not told that it was part of a listed structure by the NT
I cannot comprehend the superficial knowledge expressed of the structure the function and historic importance of the complete structure
Structure cannot be detached from function.
Part of the written listing the culvert is essential to the functioning of the listed structure
Stones were kept out sand which entered at high water is easily washed out on a falling tide by the water flow
The design of the chamber as an ogive follows traditional self flushing design for culverts and sewers.
WJ Jukes and myself are in our late seventies I accompanied my uncle in the early war years in his capacity of War Ag for Pembrokeshire,and walked the entire system in the early 1940s
We went to Freshwater West during the war (Which I remind you finished in 1945) most Sundays after lunch and the family (8)walked on the beach accessed by a path through the minefield alongside the chamber you have my drawings of the structure as it was then, a map of 1903, I can supply family photographs.
Section 1(5)also photographs from the thirties and seventies showing that the structure as listed was then complete as originally built,and on 291105..
None of the people whose facts you take were present at these times we have many witnesses who will testify that the structure was complete but had not been maintained for only years before demolition the NT did not carry out their duty of maintaining a listed structure in their care until demolition in 2008
CADW has no record of alterations to a listed structure after 1970, updated 08121995.
The plan does not relate to the written listing which includes the culvert on the map.
The lbc the “authority” are completely ignoring the 1903 map which is the same as the structure before demolition as on the listing plan,which completely contradicts their statement that “being mostly replaced after 1948” (photographs on
lbc “unmortared” limestone blocks (up to 4/3ft/18”) see photographs and drawings which show the the blocks were fixed with lime mortar
that the blocks holding the hoops were granite.
That these and limestone blocks were laid on lime mortar aggregate and fastened together by iron clamps set in lead giving .a fixed bed to the culvert
The iron hoops were of wrought iron not cast iron or postwar steel and set in lead..
The structure as built carried out its function of drainage through a storm beach for over two hundred years until demolished.
060413 the water level on the grazing land and the SSSI is raised and has changed it from “ a calcareous water meadow” “with rare plants”the reason for designation into an anoxic poached unusable morass of no benefit to migratory water birds and of nesting sites for rare species of birds.
The historic value to Wales
Built in 1790 a pioneering structure to allow unobstructed water flow through a pebble bank, for the purpose of improving the land for agricultural purposes.
The demolition is raising water levels and the increased high level flow is undermining the the foundations at the NE corner of the listed bridge.
PCC are carrying out repairs to the listed bridge as soon as the frost has gone with lime mortar and coarse aggregate.
There appears to be no date on the plan sent by Cadw, it appears to be drawn by a technique and technology not present in 1970,refer to Detail Report dated 310113 last date amended 08121995.
Replacing the culvert will enable NT to conform to their legal duties under.
Habitats Directive
Eels Directive
Waters Directive

Ian Campbell Rutger The Green Pembroke SA714QE 01646621449 060413

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