Sunday 29 November 2015

Freshwater West Car and Angle Park

Announcement by PCNP that they intend to introduce parking charges for the car parks at Angle and Freshwater West 
Go back for one month and remember the threatening letters from the National Trust and Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority on the on line petition "we have no intention of" and accusing me and others of lying when we said this was what was  planned.
I suffered an abusive telephone call from a senior PCC official accusing me of wasting officers time and wasting charge payers money,I had nothing to do with the Petition
Remember the posts by the National Trust on the Freshwater West online petition which gained three thousand signatures most with extensive fears.
Note the letter from Darren Thomas Director of transport PCC on Wed 4th November explaining PCC position
Note the Freedom of Information Requests separately made to Pembrokeshire County Council,who denied any knowledge of this despite that I have statements by people who were present at the meeting in Angle  in June 2015 with all the parties involved present.

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Anonymous said...

How can the PCNP introduce charges at Freshwater West? They don't own it? Are your facts right here?