Wednesday 25 November 2015

Energy Performance Certificates for Listed Buildings

Under the first scheme there were no categories to measure Ashlar or Rubble lime mortar construction so 380,000 houses in Wales were categorised as Grade G  lowering the market price to the lowest  no improvements could raise the EPC to its correct level and  the property would be illegal to rent out  after 2018.
After a long campaign Listed Buildings were EPC exempt and those with stone walls were now include in  the assessment
Potential buyers who search the EPC Register will find the old certificate on line not the new or the EPC exempt status ,and the value to the owner will then be lowered or destroyed for mortgage purposes
The EPC can be removed from the  EPC Register, Google EPC Register, and follow the instructions to remove the Certificate from the Register, and restore the true value of the property, make it eligible for a mortgage and make it legal to rent after 2018

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