Sunday 14 December 2014

Freshwater West

In preparation for the filming on Freshwater West beach the National Trust demolished an essential part of the Grade 2 Listed Structure which had functioned for two hundred years since the scheme was awarded the Gold Medal for Agriculture by the Royal Society in 1800
The medal was awarded to John Mirehouse then agent to John Campbell of Stackpole.
Castlemartin Corse was a unique SSSI Calcareous Water Meadow, now due to the demolition it is becoming a Reed Bed Alder Carr one of many in Wales.
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the National Trust promised to replace the structure after filming for which they were paid the total sum of £3.5 million.
They did not replace the structure but have gradually removed all traces from the beach, only after a long campaign and a Monitor Officer report with the benefit of Freedom of Information Requests they propose to “site a plastic pipe down the beach to see what happens before they realign the coast.”.
Anyone who knows the surf the storm beach and rapid changes in the distribution of the sand one day six feet deep next day gone to reappear days later will understand the futility of the plans agreed by the National Trust Pembrokeshire National Park Pembrokeshire County council and 21C Pembroke.
They made a mistake they broke their promises now they must not continue in denial to save face.
Freshwater West is precious and very vulnerable, the land behind was a functioning system which balanced conservation and agriculture, for the benefit of both until the National Trust ceased maintenance of the drainage to “return it to how God intended”.

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