Friday 23 July 2010

Coalition Planning Law Changes

Coalition changes announced in Parliament apply to England. Planning is devolved. BUT the annual financial settlements can constrain the Wales Assembly Government and other bodies in Wales without no local  input.
It is important that we are aware of this and critically examine all Coalition Legislation and make our concerns in Wales clearly to the Wales Assembly.
For example 25 "affordable houses".who defines affordable.
This is site specific.
Planning referenda to be held at the same time as local elections. planning meetings are now held monthly with a fixed timetable so the proposals as announced will slow planning.
Many parishes in Wales would be overpowered by twenty five new houses. Who decides about the adequacy of local services.
Who controls consolidation of ground protection of watercourses traffic flow parking and so on.
This is yet another unthought out Policy with unforseen consequences.

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