Friday, 18 June 2010

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority

Today I experienced the extremely unpleasant result of a series of questionable decisions by the Authority.
We have walked down the road to East Block House from the upper road for sixty years. Today the new owners have erected Keep Out Signs and ordered me off their Land.
We asked very politely if we could continue, but were told turn around and leave now, when I asked why we were told "that they had problems with the villagers".
When was the footpath diverted who owned the land at the time.
Why is the vehicle road now locked. Where does the land attached to East Blockhouse finish.

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Simon Robson, East Blockhouse said...

Thought about whether to reply to this for a while and now have decided to put the record straight.
1. You were driving down the lane and not walking.
2. You did not politely ask to continue but stated your intention to continue to the blockhouse regardless of our wishes.
3. You then stated to my wife that the land was a "steal" and that we shouldn't have it.
This, I think understandably, upset my wife who rang me and asked me to come down.
Upon arrival at your car you refused to talk to me and then just flashed your disabled badge at me as if this just gave you the right to do as you please. I then got the same speech about the land being a steal.
The road you are talking about, may have been used for 60 years by you and others but has never been a designated right of way. The land surrounding the road is owned by the Mirehouse family and leased to local farmers, the road itself was created for the Ministry of war and granted in title to the owners of the blockhouse. The path you are referring to has never gone down the road and, according to the National Parks, the footpath crosses the fields to the right and joins the coastal path.
Neither I nor my wife recall mentioning anything about the villagers as we have, to my knowledge, good relations with the village and villagers.
As far as we were concerned we are exercising our rights granted to us under title in consultation with the National Parks, CCW and CADU. This means that certain things people have taken for granted are now unavailable, however I make no apologies for re-establishing the rights granted to me under ownership of East Blockhouse.