Tuesday 15 January 2008

Pembroke Commons

150108 after spending £800,000 on a "flood prevention scheme"the water is rising. Many Council personnel on scene.Barrage not open as there is a high tide why was the Castle Pond not emptied before , the computer programme does not seem to work. Councilor Brian Hall you claimed the glory now explain why it did not work. I have researched past newspaper articles about the history of the barrage it is illegal badly designed costly inneffective an ecological disaster and doomed to failure, why throw money into the water to no effect. The Photograph shows what the Commons was like in my lifetime,until local short sighted greed filled the water in to make a car park, which do you prefer.
ORIGINAL ESTIMATE £800,000 FINAL COST £1,700,00 Surcharge CLR BRIAN HALL 040108

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Anonymous said...

jeepers nellie it pizzed down that day .