Sunday 21 January 2007

Rural Progress

This building in Broadmoor is one of the remaining examples of the successors to the village blacksmith, when bicycles and motor vehicles appeared. Built of galvanised corrugated iron on a metal frame. There used to be a Penny Farthing hung over the cycle sign. Almost all arched farm buildings of this period have been recycled by itinerant scrap metal merchants. Most farms had latticed tower wind mills to pump water and later to generate electricity there are very few left. So in the twenties and thirties all farms and some isolated dwellings had their own windmills, they whirred and clanked but every one relied on them, no nimbies then, everyone had one, they were once the height of modernity.


Anonymous said...

The modern ones are so dull!!!

Anonymous said...

what a nostalgic building, all these busineses have been killed by supermarket.