Friday 5 January 2007

The Order dated 07.02.07 proposed to add a public footpath to the definitive map and statement for the County of Pembroke Littlegates Pembroke to re establish an obstructed footpath which gives pedestrian access to the shore of the Top Pond. This dates to the production of the definitive map in the 1960s when members of PTC, and PCC were determined to resist registration of rights of way which affected their properties. The number of footpaths registered is very low. Paths I have used as child are now blocked or built over and can no longer be used. The structure plan will remove more.

The South Shore of Pembroke River from the barrage to Turks Castle is inaccessible, we roamed freely as children I fished there regularly in the fifties.

The access to the North Shore and the quarries has been built over by speculative development.

There should be more footpaths registered, please post your suggestions.

Pembroke is a historic town built to a pattern with large sections of the Town wall in place.

Several owners are proposing to drive access through the existing walls as believe it or not the walls are not listed for all their length.

PCC is on record that “ they have a predisposition to grant planning applications to build on “brown field sites” within the existing settlement boundaries.

This predisposition appears to take no account of the visual and historic value of the existing listed buildings and takes even less account of “the sense of place” which so concerns modern planners but which is completely rejected by local developers

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its good to see the websight being used. Peopul can post there ideas in the comments - what other foot paths are there.