Friday 13 April 2018

PCC Policy of not replacing trees Pembroke

Trees to be cut down

Replacement of sub station on the Green Pembroke
 The new station has a smaller footprint
We prefer the original site chosen by Western Power and were astounded that PCC for their own purposes proposed to cut down these trees for their own purposes

Sycamores are endemic to this coast, what is infinitely MORE important is that they host ferns bryophytes  lichens and mosses which are under threat  or absent from trees with other bark characteristics
West wales is one of the few places where these  exist  being washed off by acid rain as on ash etc. Sycamore bark is alkaline 
The policy of PCC is remove trees to prevent on going costs,see Martello Estate and Ferry Lane latest.
Pembroke has had fifty per cent tree loss in the last ten years,if replaced, it has been by northern exotics which have no place here. 
Cutting these sycamores down would allow wind damage to remove the rest including the Cedar almost destroyed by having   half roots its  cut by PCC works others damaged by PCC use of strimmers around the base  ring barking the tree.
If PCC had had its way ALL these trees would have been removed
Visit the site and see for yourselves a succession of snow drops,primroses daffodil bluebells  arum lilies and umbelliferae, there are bank voles  and hedgehogs in the pembrokeshire bank
Local people have persuaded PCC not to mow the site until the end of Jjune it then grows a range of grasses
 The six houses and the trees in the hedge shelter the gardens cutting down these trees would destroy the shelter and allow the verdant gardens to be wind damaged

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