Sunday 1 November 2015

Freshwater West No reply from the National Trust Pembrokeshire Coast National Park or Pembrokeshire County Council

Nearly 3000 people have signed the online Freshwater West Petition and 200 attended the “Our Freshwater West?” event held in Pembroke Town Hall
The Online Petition was overwhelmingly against National Trust intentions to restrict access by charging
The National Trust posted a denial.
The meeting in Pembroke Town Hall had two objectors one on the grounds of who pays, the other a person involved in the care of Freshwater West who marched around shouting “Lies lies all lies” and had to be asked to leave by three of the women present.
Most remembered the same words and tactics used by the National Trust to Charge for Parking on the Stackpole Estate in 2014 now charging £5 at four separate sites.
Operation Neptune a subsidiary of the National Trust is slowly taking over more of the Coast of the United Kingdom and is promoting commercial development and introducing charges for access to the sea.
An admirable concept but at what cost to our children.
The listed Bridge Chamber and Sluice and their importance to the maintenance of the SSSI as originally designated and the abandonment of maintenance of these structures and the Medieval and 1790 Water Management Systems in the valley in the 80s, we heard many more personal experiences of these events.
Those in charge in the National Trust did not realise why the systems were essential to the stability of the beach and of the watercourse when they were abandoned.

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