Saturday 5 September 2015

Freshwater West National Trust obfuscation

Freshwater West
Rebuttal article 040915
When the buildings of Pembrokeshire were listed Gupton Farm was missed by the Inspector.
Then it was a Pembrokeshire Longhouse with a massive Flemish Chimney soon to be demolished to give more room in the kitchen
The bridge,chamber and outfall were Listed Grade Two, John Mirehouse had been awarded the Royal Society Gold Medal for Agriculture in 1800 for the reclamation of the Corse, a scheme which held the balance between agriculture the presence of many resident and migratory birds,until destroyed by the National Trust to earn £3.5 million from the beach being used for filming.

The Corse was included in the National Park as at that time there was no public access to the Calcareous Water Meadow a site of international importance to wildfowl,sadly no longer after the National Trust stopped maintaining the outfall in 1997.

Johnathon Hughes statements must be treated with caution when he says that he has consulted widely and with local stakeholders.
We attended all consultations there were more officers than single figure members of the public present.
The first consultation in the Stackople Center was well attended but the audience were insulted by the platform,and will never attend again.
Stakeholders listed on a trust notice of works to the outfall hand delivered to local councillor Friday last week listed the stakeholders as Natural Resources Wales. ,National Trust, Pembrokeshire Coast National Park ,James Brothers ,Baker Brothers, Court Farm, Coreside farm
all employees or tenants of the National Trust
Coreside Farm was the only resident in favour of the scheme as having been denied various enterprises she considers that permission for the National Trust would set a precedent for her plans.
Natural Resources Wales were only consulted about water discharge,they were kept in ignorance of the full plan.
Notice not National Trust Membership, not all tenants of the National Trust not all affected farmers.
When asked about access charges “currently no plans in place to charge”not according to internal documents.
Closure of the B4139 was agreed at another “stakeholder meeting”unannounced unminuted not recorded present CCW,EA, PCC and PCNP. I can name those involved if challenged quoting Natur Cymru Natural Resources Wales official magazine Winter 2012 page 23
The road has been unaltered since 1798 it was never a barrier to wind blown sand.
The bridge was regularly damaged by lorries, after 20 years of effort by me PCC has erected a notice of width restrictions at the junction and since then there has been no further damage.

These are all documented facts.

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