Thursday 24 September 2015

Believe the National Trust?

Remember that two years ago the residents of Bosherston were concerned that the National Trust were to charge for the car park given to the villagers by Lord Cawdor to alleviate problems caused by visitors to the lily ponds parking on the road in the village
The National Trust by a system of "no plans to ""denial, legal threats to individuals using hostile volunteer staff and eventually trying to ban individuals from talking to National Trust staff and volunteers. expanded the £5  charge to other areas and put rocks on verges where we had parked to my knowledge for seventy years.
We do not believe them I have verbatim contemporaneous notes of conversations  with three National Trust and one  member of the Environment Agency at a consultation meeting called by the National Trust at the Cafe at Castlemartin
There was a plan to use  ,the temporary Structure to replace the NT destroyed Listed structure,which guarded the bridge which could then be abandoned.
They explained that the works  were intended to be temporary at the end of a year if they failed the structure could then be destroyed
The works are now being started out.
This would enable them to close the road.
This arose by misquoting  the National Trusts commissioned Halcrow Report 2007 which concluded that the beach might have to be realigned after 2107 to stop the flooding of the lower valley

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