Saturday 18 July 2015

National Trust

National Trust Freshwater West 18072015 Display was Economical with the Truth
No mention that the now partially demolished and degraded Grade Two Listed Bridge Chamber and Culvert which won the Royal Society Gold Medal for Agriculture in 1800 and maintained the unique balance between wildlife and agriculture for 200 years ,partially demolished by the National Trust to earn £3.5 million for filming on the beach who then promised to rebuild it, and are now refusing to do so
National Trust said that as it had been built after 1948 it was ineligible for preservation. The three alternatives now proposed by them are in cynical denial of all the facts.
The National Trust have removed most of the traces of the “temporary structure” from the beach but the remaining massive limestone blocks are certainly not temporary the white granite blocks have been sold those alone could partially cover the cost of rebuild.
The Chamber is being damaged repeatedly by the National Trust and soon will fail
The agriculture and SSSI depend on occasional salt water to maintain the alkalinity of a Calcareous Water Meadow.
We managed the only other Calcareous Water Meadow in Wales for twenty years.
The National Trust accuse us of being senile with false memories, my degree in Botany and Zoology and membership of the West Wales field Society in 1947 count for nothing to their employees who cannot even be bothered to consult all the local records, and who hold locals in contempt.
The Culvert must be rebuilt the Chamber damaged by the National Trust must be repaired.

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