Monday 21 April 2014

Personal Observations

Climate deniers give the basic message that mans activities have no effect on temperature
We now have local evidence minute by minute
We have fitted solar panels, to make the most of the investment appliances needs active management second by second.
To get the benefit we use the free electricity generated, as the Grid only pays one tenth of the price of electricity drawn from the Grid.
To predict the amount of energy generated we use the weather forecasts and look at the wind direction locally.
The wind direction and force varies frequently in Pembrokeshire
The man made influence is the direction of the plumes from Refineries and the major influence of the water vapour in the atmosphere from the burning of LPG by Pembroke Power Station.
Clouds seeded by the plumes cut the insolation (suns energy reaching the earths surface) as measured by electricity generated by the solar panels.
Fom one flash per second to one every twenty seconds or even to none.
Solar Panels react immediately, an isolated cloud passing over has the same effect
Television Weather Forecasts daily show temperatures in London degrees above the rest of the UK the effect of man made objects, buildings and paving absorbing heat from the sun.
The air quality in Pembroke Main Street is often near legal limits for quality.
When we approach the UK by sea often we can detect land not by orographic clouds as used by all mariners over the centuries to detect land, but by the brown haze of pollutants in the sky,well before we see land.
These are observable facts by personal observation not opinions generated by whatever creed or faith of the deniers..

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