Tuesday 11 February 2014

Toxic Waste Incinerator Pembroke Dock

A planning application 13/0818/PA has been applied to Pembrokeshire County Council for a toxic waste incinerator in Waterloo Pembroke Dock.

A Stack Height of 40m is proposed, when just 2km downwind is Cosheston CP School at an elevation of 43m .
The site is just above sea level and is on the flood plain.
This will be the SIXTH Top Tier COMAH site on the Milford Haven Waterway.
Just 20 unsustainable jobs will be produced.
The feedstock will be transported to the site via Road Tankers.
The site already has ground pollution from past uses.
Do not be misled by the proposed siting next to the present local authority waste disposal site the purpose of this incinerator is to burn toxic sludge from the oil power and LNG operations and very little if any domestic waste.
The technology proposed is outdated and discredited, the site with the prevailing winds is completely unacceptable.
Does PCC accept or guarantee protection of future flooding of the site, as at Rocky Park Pembroke.
We strongly recommend rejection it will never be acceptable to release heavy metals into the air, particularly so close to human habitation and with the UK downwind.

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