Saturday 22 June 2013

Why we should not grow GM Crops

In Wales the road verges are infested with strong growing monoculture grasses. In the fifties returners from the war in North Africa,at the Plant Breeding Station Plas Goggerdan Aberystwyth collected grasses from the Atlas mountains grew them with a selective breeding programme. they planted these in open plots with a radio active source on a pole, then collected seeds and grew on the resulting mutations, perennial rye grasses and others.

Those shown to excrete chemicals which inhibited competition were selected and bred.

Later Feeding experiments at the Ministry at Trawsgoed showed that these species were toxic to cattle and reduced their life span.

Thatcher privatised both stations the grasses were then sold commercially.

A senior scientist before he commited suicide, said it was producing an upland rye grass desert in Wales.
This is becoming all Wales.

In the last three years we have seen cross breeds of these grasses escaping and colonising road verges,overpowering other species.
Unforseen consequences sixty years later, a very good reason not to use GM crops
Capital invested in the arms industries, then fertilisers then state plant breeding seed banks now in GM crops whose  seeds have to be sold for each planting, three international companies will then control the worlds food supplies.

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