Monday 3 June 2013

Pembrokeshire County Council Pembroke Dock

The decking is over a new 70ft drop.
The road is open with no warning signs
Planning permission was given to these executive new builds despite letters to PCC pointing out the unstable ground
The Chief Executive " the market will decide" "we have the lowest council charge in Wales by cutting all non essential services"
Buyers rely on the Local Authority to carry out these surveys before the build is signed off.
The mortgage companies assume that the relevant laws have been followed.
So much for the lowest council charge in Wales
Approximately seventy executive new builds are a risk of inevitable subsidence.
The cliffs are stabilised by heavy vegetation, removing the roots binding the soil together allows the spring under the house to wash the soil away. The dry weather with a very heavy squall vibrated the tree roots and the dry till became fluid, and flowed
The present failure shows signs of spreading.

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