Thursday 11 April 2013

Freshwater West

Since the outfall was destroyed by the National Trust there has been a gradual but fundamental change in the form and function of this storm beach
A beach dangerous to bathers is now infinitely more dangerous, a major incident waiting to happen.
Freshwater was concentrated over yards giving a limited but fierce undertow.
Now freshwater enters the beach over more than one hundred meters in  some circumstances,increasing the rate and volume of water creating the undertow,by lowering the sand level between high tides,at the southern end of the beach.
Some years ago I was on the beach trying to to warn twenty adults and children they took no notice and were predictably  washed out to sea, I left to raise the alarm. I was not there to help luckily there were a group of experienced canoists who rescued them all from certain drowning.
Two lifeguards would be overcome.
The form altering function is complicated, the beach changes daily, unpredictably, but the dangers are increasing.
The outfall which managed the form of the beach must be replaced by the National Trust.

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