Sunday 23 December 2012

Energy Performance Certificates in Wales

Energy Performance Certificates are assessed as a tick box exercise using two approved soft ware packages.
Neither has a box which covers buildings of ashlar, random rock, fieldstone, solid brick, or rubble mortar construction, of which there are 380,000 dwellings in Wales. They have no rating for energy efficiency.
By law these certificates at £100 per time have to be given to any potential buyer or prospective tenant.
Estate Agents, solicitors, mortgage companies, and Citizens Advice Bureaus advise clients to either leave them alone or to offer a very low rent.
Feed in Tarrifs are not available now for these properties.
These regulations come into force and for revue in 2015
In 2018 it will be illegal to let such properties unless they are raised above the bottom three grades, which it is proposed to be carried out at the owners expense.
Most of these properties with massive walls and efficient ventilation are very energy efficient, in many cases using half the predicted energy usage on the EPC.
Listed properties and those in Conservation Areas are at present unable by law to retrofit the unnecessary additional insulation to fit the EPC formula.
In 2018 it will be illegal to let these blighted properties.
(So far terraced housing in non Conservation Areas, and one property in a National Park owned by a retired local authority planner have been modified.)
The terraced houses by a housing association at a cost of £25000 each the property in the National Park by the owner at very much more.
Already Mortgage providers are not advancing Mortgages for affected properties in, 2018 they say that they will not lend money at all on properties which have these restrictions on use.
Leaving them to be purchased by those who can pay cash, and these buyers will not do so as they will be unable to resell.
These laws need to be challenged now, not left until it will be too late.

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