Saturday 18 February 2012

Spring is here but it is not all good news

Today the sun is shining, in the garden the birds are singing to attract mates and to build to build nests.I drove around the country lanes no birds,  hedges all flailed with no seeds or hiding places for insects, rye grass fields with no flowers which grow seeds, no insects dead..
Fifty million fledgeling birds will be killed by over indulged domestic cats.Those that survive will be shot and trapped as they fly over our fellow European Countries,Countries that ignore all conservation legislation and indulge in an orgy of slaughter of all migratory birds.
Then we have misguided do gooders who "manage" wildlife habitats and destroy all they seek to promote.
Pembrokeshire wet valleys are being cleared by incomers who tidy up the hedges and country lane verges.
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