Friday 19 February 2010


The next stage in the fifty year old plan to  speed traffic through Pembroke. Completely unneccessary  there is a perfectly adequate road up St Daniels Hill for the Power Station construction traffic, all heavy plant is coming in by sea.
The Refinery traffic has been accommodated adequately for years by the existing roads. Recently sums of your and my monies have been spent on traffic calming measures in Monkton. This new road will cut down fifty percent of the trees on the Commons.
The land which is to be exchanged should be part of the protected commons. Another example of PCC thinking years behing the times, traffic in residential areas should be discouraged and restricted to 20 mph not increased in volume and speed. All this with the East End Square demolitions is to free land for speculative development. The latest new build in Pembroke has given developers a killing, small substandard ( by Social Housing Standards) flats to be let at high rents to the workers who will be imported for the construction of the Power Station. Flats which will be unlettable and unmortgageable at the end of the period of construction.
Once again leaving whole estates of families with no employment.

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