Tuesday 26 August 2008

North Quay Pembroke

This elm is at the boundary of Croft Court and North Quay. IT IS IN A CONSERVATION AREA where strict rules apply. Half the roots were cut off by excavation for the North Quay, despite the rules which govern the care of trees in a Conservation Area. The original plans should have taken into account the trees on the site. PCC have no intention of protecting trees when they are in a speculative development This is a ten foot deep rock face, despite the loss of half its roots the tree is healthy and thriving.
If the buildings are built to the planning specification and this then happens it is part of a pattern in which no consideration is given to trees. When North Quay was built half the roots and halfh the branches were removed, now they want to remove the tree completely

Trees in a CONSERVATION AREA must be sacrosant.
Please object be Friday29th August to PCC ref DP/ENV/21/008

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