Sunday 2 March 2008

Gooses Lane Pembroke

There is an application to demolish this building. Since the elderly occupant died this traditional Pembrokeshire Cottage has been deliberately neglected, the garden is overgrown. The garden wall the steps are part of the charm, the cottage is the last one left unmutilated.
These limestone walls have been replaced by breeze blocks (in a Conservation Area)
The cottage backs on to the filling station site on Main street, the demolition part of a further application for this site. Yet another breech in the building line which is a segment of the Town Wall.
For Environmental reasons, reuse of the present building, the effect of demolition in a Conservation Area, All the surrounding buildings are low rise.
Demolition should be resisted at all costs.Once again PCC have advertised this application with no reference number, no dates ,and no closing date, they should start again.
The applicant M.Baroth of Pan Maritime Ltd a large International Commercial Property Company is unlikely to be interested in a suitable development for that site which will respect the surrounding properties and in keeping the Burgage Walls. What consultations have been carried out with PCC before this cottage was bought and the site prepared for building. When a Demolition Application is considered the subsequent use of the site is supposed top be considered as part of the Conservation Area Demolition Consent. The presumption must be reuse not removal. The cottage is perfectly sound but needs interior upgrading to modern standards.

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