Friday 1 February 2008

Golden Prison Pembroke

A historic site where the prisoners captured at the last invasion of the UK, by the French at Fishguard were kept. They escaped and stole a vessel belonging to the Earl of Cawdor and sailed to France. Before the Christmas break this was a walled orchard, the listed stone boundary wall is no more. The remaining stone wall opposite is the boundary of the Conservation area. Two blocks of three storey speculative flats will be built here. Another PCC masterpiece of stealth, how do neighbours find out that these applications are being processed once again ask for PCC Planning Department to be closed down until they behave in an open transparent manner following the letter and the practice of planning law. How do they explain the loss of yet another listed structure, they are disappearing daily. The masonary buried in the distance is the remains of the building which has not been recorded. Another example of the history of Wales obliterated by local greed and ignorance.

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