Monday 31 December 2007

Observations from an editor

I am one of the editors. I have been a member of the West Wales Naturalist Trust since 1947.
I have experience of this area since 1940 my relatives were naturalists and took an interest in archeology.
Many people contribute to this site we have several editors but I do the coordination and moderation.
To make it very clear. The one common purpose is to record excellence, and to conserve all that makes Pembrokeshire unique.
We are not against development BUT in such sensitive areas it is far too easy to allow development for short term gain which degrades our surroundings.
All developments should have a low carbon footprint a concept which has not reached Pembrokeshire.
There should be a presumption to repair and reuse rather than demolish and rebuild to high densities,low design using short life materials.
Buildings should utilise local building materials. They should not be intrusive Euro Tat but take account of their surroundings and compliment and enhance these surroundings.
We have been criticised for objecting to boardwalks. Some habitats are so precious for the survival of indigenous plants and animals that human access should be restricted.
A marsh does not need paved walkways through the reed beds, the very act of walking them drives away all the animals and birds people wish to see and enjoy.
A classic case is the Mill Pond and the Top Pond. People go there to see the birds, birds fly away if disturbed. How much more appropriate a fence alongside the Little Gates foot path to the rail embankment then a short footpath to a purpose built bird hide at the foot of the embankment.
There are good examples of these in other parts of the county people can see wildflife at close quarters and if they are quiet will not disturb them.
Life will carry on as normal , a boardwalk through a marsh just drives animals and birds away. So destroying more of the few remaining wildlife refuges.
Pembroke historically had a network of footpaths, PCC have a policy of not registering footpaths(Independent Group), all remaining should be guarded, we should register footpaths we remember as children, when we attempt to do so Pembroke Town Council and PCC do not even reply to our letters.

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